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Your initial Reflexology treatment will last approximately 1.5 hours.

I will spend some time going through a detailed Consultation Form with you - including some medical and lifestyle information - enabling me to design an individual treatment plan to give you, the client, the optimum treatment to help restore your body and mind.

Follow-up treatments will last approximately 1 hour.

You can then make yourself comfortable on my lovely cushioned Lafuma chair where a lovely snug fleece can be wrapped around you for the ultimate coziness. Unlike massage you only need to remove your shoes and socks. Once you are comfortable you can close your eyes, listen to the soothing music, relax and enjoy.

Reflexology Balm

I use only the best certified organic Reflexology Balm from Flying Wild, which is handmade in Ireland. All of the products give the perfect balance between grip, control and slip and contain zero chemicals or preservatives. Many contain pure essential oils as well as organic butters and oils with added vitamin E. The Balm is highly nourishing and moisturising and will actively help to improve cracked and damaged skin.

My favourites are:

Rose Balm - which smells divine. This essential oil is known for fighting depression and anxiety by boosting self esteem, confidence and mental strength.

Lavender Balm - lavender oil is the most used essential oil, it improves sleep, reduces anxiety and emotional stress, alleviates headaches, is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and an anti-depressant.

Mandarin Balm - Mandarin oil is the only essential oil considered safe during the entire period of pregnancy - it is profoundly calming and uplifting and reduces anxiety, pain and nausea - it smells gorgeous too.

Tea Tree and Mint Balm - Tea Tree essential oil is wonderfully cleansing and is one of the most powerful essential oil immune system stimulants. It is active against bacterial, fungal and viral infectious agents. Mint Piperita essential oil cools and refreshes the skin, reducing redness, calming irritation and itchiness. It also stimulates the mind, increases mental agility and focus.

Unscented Balm - I also have unscented Balm for anyone who would rather I did not use essential oils on their feet.

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”I can’t express enough how much I look forward to my treatments” Nina Smith

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